He Has My Back

It was a cold Colorado March day when I got that dreaded call, “Your test came back and you have breast cancer.” I sat the rest of the day hugging my lab puppy. One thinks one is ready for news like this, until it happens. I was painting this self portrait at the time and finished it before the mastectomy. I called it, “He Has My Back.”

The Holy Spirit behind me is guiding every move as I paint my life canvas. The road down the middle is my life journey with a vanishing point where I will exit this world. That cancer diagnosis brought me face-to-face with my mortality.

Today however, I have a second chance at life and intend to live it well. Life begins and ends with God. A love relationship with Jesus Christ is the key to a living reality that energizes faith. I know that no matter what may come my way, relationship with Jesus helps me with each brush stroke until my time comes to exit this world.