Candis Kloverstrom

Man Was Created For Kingdom Living

Man was created by God with eternity in mind, not the chaos seen in today’s world. God’s eternal presence in mankind’s lives puts a new perspective on life. And that perspective is the basis for Candis Kloverstrom’s art today. Hope and purpose that point to Jesus Christ are insights painted in her art.

About Candis Kloverstrom

Candis Kloverstrom is an oil painter who depicts God’s truths learned through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. She is known for creating vibrant images that depict God’s love for mankind.

Her portraits capture the character of the people she paints. And the landscapes express the glory of God that is etched into the fabric of this world.

As a 39 year Christian veteran, she understands that even a cup of cool water can quench a thirsty soul. So, if you are coming to this site for that cool drink, it is her hope you find what you need to press on in your quest for new life.


What do you need today?

There will be blog updates around the 1st and 15th of each month. Each blog includes artwork by Candis Kloverstrom with truths you may find helpful. Her goal is to assist you with your walk and be an encouragement for you to keep seeking Jesus. He is the answer to life’s challenges.